What does Sux mean?


When you hear or see the word ‘Sux’, it’s simply a quicker, cooler way to say ‘sucks’. It’s a term that’s often thrown around when someone thinks something is not cool, unimpressive, or downright awful. If your pal says their day ‘sux’, they’re telling you they’ve had a bad day.

Even though ‘sux’ is usually a verb, it can also sometimes be used as a noun. When used this way, ‘sux’ can indicate a failure, a letdown or a person who doesn’t meet expectations. Let’s say a Chelsea fan might remark that Timo Werner is ‘teh sux’ if they’re frustrated with his performance in a particular season.

So, next time someone tells you something ‘sux’, you’ll know they’re not talking about a crazy new trend or a hit song. They’re just expressing their disappointment or frustration in a trendy, slangy way.

Example for using ‘Sux’ in a conversation

Ugh, I just watched that new movie everyone’s talking about. It sux! 🙄🎥

Oh really? I was planning to see it this weekend. What’s so bad about it? 😮

The plot was weak, the acting was terrible, and the ending was totally predictable. It’s a waste of time, trust me. 😒

Wow, thanks for the heads up. I’ll skip it then. Any recommendations for a good movie instead? 🎬