What does Tacky mean?

Lack of good style or taste

If someone calls out your style as ‘Tacky’, it means they think what you’re wearing or how you’ve decorated is in bad taste. This term is often used to describe clothing or decor that isn’t appealing or stylish.

‘Tacky’ is a bit like saying something is ugly, but it’s not quite as harsh. It’s a way of saying you don’t like something without being too mean about it.

But ‘Tacky’ isn’t just about looks. This term can also be used to show disapproval of someone’s actions. It’s similar to the BT acronym, which stands for ‘Bad Taste’.

So, if you hear someone using the term ‘Tacky’, they’re basically saying they think something is in bad taste, whether it’s how someone is dressed, how they’ve decorated their home, or even how they’re behaving.

Example for using ‘Tacky’ in a conversation

Did you see that bright neon suit he was wearing at the party?

Yeah, it was so tacky! It didn’t fit the occasion at all.

I know, right? And his behavior was just as bad.

Oh, definitely. He was being loud and obnoxious. So tacky!