What does Ticking mean in gaming?

Going after an opponent who’s blocking

In the world of video games, especially in fighting genres like Tekken or Killer Instinct, a term you might often hear is ‘Ticking’. It’s a strategy used by players to slowly chip away at their opponent’s health, even when the opponent is blocking their attacks.

Often referred to as ‘chipping’, it’s derived from the concept of ‘chip damage’. Ticking is not a technique that requires a high level of skill or experience. It’s more about taking advantage of a weaker adversary in the game.

It’s viewed as a somewhat cheap method to win a fight, as it doesn’t rely on the player’s ability to execute complex moves or strategies. Instead, it’s all about applying constant pressure to an opponent, slowly wearing them down with minor, but consistent damage.

Example for using ‘Ticking’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that match last night?

Yeah, it was crazy! Did you see how they were ticking their opponent?

Totally! They kept attacking even when their opponent was blocking.

I know, it’s such a cheap move. Takes no skill at all.