What does TJI stand for?

Try joining in

When you want to motivate someone to participate in something, you can send them a message saying “TJI”. This stands for “try joining in”. This slang term is mostly used in online multiplayer games, during pre-match chats.

But gaming isn’t the only place you will see TJI. It’s also used in online forums when someone is not participating. For instance, if you are moderating a group discussion for a school project and one of your team members isn’t contributing, you could send them a message saying, “TJI today. You will get more out of the lesson.”

However, keep in mind that TJI is not a widely known slang term. It’s best to use it with seasoned gamers or people who are familiar with internet slang. If not, the person you’re messaging might not understand what you mean, and you’ll need to explain it to them.

Example for using ‘TJI’ in a conversation

Hey, are you joining the game tonight?

I’m not sure, I’ve never played before.

No worries! TJI, it’s gonna be fun!

Okay, I’ll give it a shot. What do I need to do?