What does TISNF stand for?

That is so not fair

If something feels unfair or wrong, “TISNF” is a common slang term used to express this feeling. It’s a phrase that’s often found in text messages, online conversations, or in the world of gaming.

Imagine this: Your dad decides to ground you for not doing the dishes, and you have plans to hang out with your friends. You might respond, “TISNF! I was supposed to go out tonight!” This is a way of saying “this is not fair”.

Or let’s say you’re in the middle of an intense online game, and suddenly your adversary uses a forbidden advantage. You might type, “No cheating allowed. TISNF!” Here, it’s used to call out the injustice of the situation.

There are other abbreviations similar to TISNF that are also used to express discontent or unfairness. These include TISU, TSNF, and a less polite term BS. So, next time you find yourself in an unfair situation, remember these acronyms!

Example for using ‘TISNF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new school rule?

No, what is it?

Starting next week, we can’t use our phones during lunchtime.

TISNF! How are we supposed to stay connected?