What does LOM stand for in gaming?

Low on mana

If you’re playing a popular game like Dota 2 or Final Fantasy XIV and a team member says they’re LOM, they are signaling that they’re “low on mana.” Mana is often used up when casting spells or abilities in these types of games.

When you hear a teammate declare they’re LOM, it’s essentially a heads up that they might not be able to pull off their special moves if you guys decide to take on an opponent. They’re mana-depleted and need some time to recover.

So, what’s the solution? If you can, give that player a mana potion to boost their mana levels. If that’s not possible, it might be best to hold off on any major fights until their mana naturally replenishes. This way, they can join in with their full range of abilities and increase your chances of victory.

Example for using ‘LOM’ in a conversation

Hey, are you up for some WoW tonight? 🎮

Sure, but I gotta warn you, I might be LOM. 😅

No worries, I’ll bring some mana potions just in case. ⚡️

Thanks, that’s awesome! Let’s slay some dragons! 🐉