What does Tru mean?

‘Tru’ is slang for ‘TRUE’

Have you ever come across ‘Tru’ in texts or social media and wondered what it means? Well, ‘Tru’ is simply a shorter version of the word ‘true’. It is a popular way to say ‘true’ in a more casual and quick manner. The pronunciation remains the same and it is widely used in informal communication like chats and texts.

‘Tru’ and ‘true’ might mean the same but their usage differs based on the tone of the conversation. ‘Tru’ is more laid back and relaxed, often used in quick, informal exchanges. So, if you’re in a formal setting or want your words to carry more weight, it’s best to stick with ‘true’.

So next time when you see ‘Tru’ being used in a text or social media post, you can be sure it’s just a cool, casual way of saying ‘true’. Just remember, it’s not suitable for formal or serious conversations, where ‘true’ would be more appropriate.

Example for using ‘Tru’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the new episode of our favorite show last night?

Tru! It was so good! I loved how they resolved that cliffhanger.

Right? The plot twists are always insane. Tru fans know how to appreciate it.

Tru! It keeps us hooked and wanting more. Can’t wait for the next episode!