What does Trumpflake mean?

A Trump supporter who is easily upset

‘Trumpflake’ is a term that’s often thrown around to describe someone who staunchly backs Trump and is quick to anger. This slang is essentially a spin-off of the term ‘snowflake’, which is typically used to depict a younger person, likely with liberal views, who is easily offended.

Interestingly, ‘Trumpflake’ was birthed as a way to reverse the use of the ‘snowflake’ term on those who commonly used it – generally older conservatives. This clever twist brings into play the delicate nature of a snowflake that readily melts upon contact with any object.

It’s a perfect metaphor for how some Trump backers, or Trumpflakes, are emotionally sensitive and struggle to handle opposing viewpoints. Just like the fragile snowflake, they melt under the heat of challenge.

Example for using ‘Trumpflake’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the Trump rally yesterday?

Yeah, I did. It’s crazy how worked up some Trump supporters get.

I know! They’re such Trumpflakes, always getting offended by everything.

Haha, exactly! It’s like they can’t handle any criticism or opposing viewpoints.