What does TSS stand for?

Toxic Shock Syndrome

You may have seen ‘TSS’ used in online chats or forums. While in the medical world, TSS refers to a serious illness known as ‘Toxic Shock Syndrome’, its online usage is quite different. It’s generally used to express extreme distaste towards a certain opinion or piece of media.

The phrase ‘gave them TSS’ is often thrown around online. It’s a dramatic way of saying that something is so bad, it might as well be deadly. This could be a terrible movie, a poorly thought out opinion, or any other thing that the speaker finds nauseatingly awful.

So, if you see someone commenting ‘TSS’ on an online post, it’s safe to say that they’re not a fan of the content. They’re not in any real danger of course-it’s just a way to show their strong disapproval.

Example for using ‘TSS’ in a conversation

I just watched that new movie everyone’s talking about. πŸŽ₯

Oh really? What did you think of it? πŸ˜ƒ

Honestly, it was so bad it gave me TSS! 🀒

Wow, that bad? I’ll definitely skip it then! Thanks for the heads up. πŸ˜…