What does Vlogger mean?

Video blogger

A vlogger is someone who shares their interest in a particular subject by creating and posting videos on their own video blog, known as a vlog. Unlike traditional blogs that primarily consist of written content, vlogs mainly use video content to engage their audience.

Most vloggers prefer to create videos on topics that have a strong visual appeal. This could include a personal travel diary, a cooking demonstration, a DIY project, or even an art tutorial.

For instance, a vlogger might create a video showing the steps to prepare a favorite dish. Along with the video, the vlogger might also add a written version of the recipe in the description so that viewers can follow along while they cook.

So, simply put, a vlogger is a blogger who uses videos instead of just text to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

Example for using ‘Vlogger’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the latest video by that vlogger?

Yeah, I love watching vlogs! What’s the video about?

It’s a travel vlog. They went to this amazing beach in Bali.

Oh, cool! I’ll definitely check it out. I need some vacation inspiration.