What does Wojak mean?

An Internet character made using Microsoft Paint

Originating from a German imageboard called Krautchan, Wojak is a term used for a range of Internet characters created with Microsoft Paint. These characters all take after the original Wojak character, also known as the Feels Guy, depicted as a bald, sorrowful man in black and white.

The original Wojak illustration was posted around 2010 by a user aptly named Wojak. This user would often accompany the image with the phrase “That feel when …”. Wojak wasn’t the first to post this image, but they certainly helped popularize it. Eventually, as the image made its way across different imageboards, it started being known as “Wojak’s face” and later, simply Wojak.

Today, the Internet is teeming with variations of the Wojak character. From the I Know That Feel Bro Wojak meme, to the doomer and bloomer memes, and many others. Typically, these characters are used by men on forums and social media platforms to express their emotions.

However, it’s worth noting that not all men who use Wojak memes identify as doomers or incels. While a large number of Wojak memes can be depressing or even misogynistic, there are also Wojak memes like the doomer girl, that are used by more upbeat and hopeful groups.

Example for using ‘Wojak’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new Wojak meme?

Yeah, I saw it! It’s that bald guy, right?

Exactly! It’s the one with the sad face. People use it to express their feelings.

Oh, I get it now. So it’s like a way to show how you’re feeling?