What does it mean?

Thrill and happiness

W00t is a slang term often used as an exclamation of happiness or success, similar to saying “Yes!” or “Hurray!” It’s typically found in online gaming communities, chat rooms, and sometimes in text messages.

There’s another version of this term, called ‘woot’, which is more commonly used. The difference lies in the way it’s written – ‘woot’ uses the letter ‘o’, while ‘w00t’ replaces them with zeros. This particular variation ‘w00t’ is more popular among techies, gamers, and enthusiasts of leetspeak.

This is why w00t is more likely to be spotted in a gaming session or a live stream chat on platforms like Twitch, rather than in casual everyday conversation.

Example for using ‘W00t’ in a conversation

I just got tickets to the concert! W00t!

That’s awesome! W00t! Can’t wait to see the show!