What does Watevs mean?

Watevs translates to Whatever in standard English

“Watevs” is a chilled-out way of saying “whatever”. It’s a term that people use when they don’t want to give a definite yes or no answer, or when they’re pretty much okay with anything.

People use it when they’re chatting, texting, posting on social media, or even just talking out loud. There are different ways to spell “whatever” in slang language, like “watev”, “weva”, “we”, and “wtv”.

It’s a term that’s often used by people who are laid-back or can’t make up their minds about something. But it’s especially popular among easy-going people and teenagers who can’t be bothered to give a detailed response.

It’s also a handy term to use when you’re in the middle of an argument and you decide you’d rather not continue. Saying “watevs” can be a way to let go of the argument and move on.

Example for using ‘Watevs’ in a conversation

Hey, are you coming to the party tonight?

Watevs, I’m not really feeling it. Maybe next time?

Sure, no problem. Let me know if you change your mind!