Whoja Vu

What does Whoja Vu mean?

The sensation you’ve previously encountered someone is ‘Whoja Vu’

‘Whoja Vu’ is a fun twist on the classic term ‘déjà vu’. It’s used when you meet someone new, but you feel like you’ve crossed paths with them before. This feeling is often linked to a sense of familiarity with the new person.

The word ‘who’ takes the place of ‘dé’ in ‘déjà vu’. This switch is because the focus is on the identity of the person, asking who they might be. This term is common when you meet someone strikingly similar to a well-known personality or celebrity.

Imagine meeting someone who looks like a famous movie star. You might experience ‘Whoja Vu’, thinking you’ve met them before when in reality, they just resemble someone famous.

Example for using ‘Whoja Vu’ in a conversation

Hey! I just met this guy and I swear I’ve seen him before. It’s so strange!

Oh, really? That’s whoja vu! Happens to me sometimes. Maybe he looks like a celebrity?

Yeah, he does kinda look like Chris Hemsworth. It’s like I know him, but I don’t!

Haha, whoja vu can mess with your mind. Maybe it’s just a weird coincidence. Enjoy the mystery!