What does Whomp mean?

Sound that hits low

If you’ve ever watched the classic TV series featuring the superhero Batman, you might remember the dramatic sound effects that were used when punches flew. One of these sounds was a loud “Whomp!” This is where the slang term ‘Whomp’ comes from.

‘Whomp’ is a fun, playful way to describe the sound that something makes when it hits another object. It’s like a word picture of that ‘smack’ or ‘thump’ noise you might hear in a cartoon or comic book fight scene.

So next time when you hear the term ‘Whomp’, remember it’s just a creative way to describe that distinct sound you hear when one thing collides with another, especially in a forceful or dramatic way, similar to a punch thrown by a superhero like Superman or Spiderman.

Example for using ‘Whomp’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the skateboarder wiping out?

Yeah, it was hilarious! He totally got whomped!

πŸ˜‚ Yeah, he went flying! That sound though, WHOMP!

I know, right? It was like a cartoon sound effect!