What does Wld mean?

‘Wld’ means ‘Would’

Wld is a widely used short form of the word “would” in text and online conversations. It’s especially popular on platforms like Twitter where there’s a limit on the number of characters you can use in a post.

For instance, let’s say your buddy John texts you saying, “I think I wld go for the show if we’re sitting at the back, but I can’t afford better seats.” Here, John is using wld as a quick way to say “would”.

Similarly, you might see a tweet that reads, “despite their loss yesterday, I wld still back them for the championship.” In this context, wld stands for “would”.

Wld is part of a larger trend of abbreviating words to save time and space in digital communication. Some other examples include tho (though), cld (could), and srsly (seriously).

Example for using ‘Wld’ in a conversation

Hey, do you want to grab pizza tonight? πŸ•

I wld love to, but I have to work late. πŸ˜”

No worries! Maybe we can go tomorrow instead? πŸ—“οΈ

Sounds good! I wld be free tomorrow evening. πŸŽ‰