What does Womance mean?

A non-romantic, close bond between two or more girls or women

Womance is a term that describes a deep and platonic bond between two or more women. It’s all about friendship, not romance. This term is often seen in social media posts where friends are hanging out and having a great time together.

Just like a bromance is meant for male friends, a womance is for female friends. It’s a playful and fun way for girls to express their strong friendship bond. You can see this term pop up on Instagram captions, Tweets, and Facebook posts everywhere.

The name itself is a mix of the words “woman” and “romance.” But don’t get confused – there’s no actual romance involved. It’s all about celebrating female friendships and the unique bond that girls share.

Next time you see a post with girls having fun and the hashtag #womance, you’ll know what it means. It’s all about spreading the love for your girls, your BFFs, and your squad.

Example for using ‘Womance’ in a conversation

Hey, look at this pic! Me and Sarah are totally twinning today! 🀩 #Womance

OMG, you guys are so cute! Total #Womance goals! πŸ’•

Haha, thanks! We’re inseparable, like peanut butter and jelly! πŸ₯œπŸ“ #Besties

I love seeing your #Womance in action. You two are the best! πŸ™Œ