What does WYMM mean?

Will you marry me?

When you see someone online using WYMM, or “will you marry me,” they’re usually not being serious. It’s more of a playful way to show appreciation for someone’s attractiveness or coolness.

Let’s say a heartthrob celeb like Brad Pitt shares a dashing photo of himself on social media. You might see comments like “OMG WYMM?” from his fans.

But here’s the thing. These fans don’t really want to tie the knot with Brad (and they’re pretty sure he’s not looking to marry them either!). They’re just using WYMM as a funny and exaggerated way to let him know they think he’s looking good.

Example for using ‘WYMM’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new pic of Chris Hemsworth? πŸ”₯


Haha, right? He’s such a zaddy! πŸ˜‚

Totally! I’d marry him in a heartbeat! πŸ’