What does Blueprint mean?

Blueprint equals Perfection

‘Blueprint’ is a slang term used to describe someone or something that is seen as absolute perfection, like the precise plans used in construction. This term is often applied to people who are deeply loved or admired.

For instance, someone hopelessly in love might use the term ‘blueprint’ to refer to their partner. They may see this person as so flawless that, in their eyes, they could serve as the model for all other people. Imagine a girl who thinks her boyfriend is flawless – she might say he’s the ‘blueprint’.

But it’s not just for love. ‘Blueprint’ can also be used to describe someone you look up to. Let’s say, in the world of sports, a footballer might be seen as the ‘blueprint’ for players in his position. This means that other athletes should look at him and try to follow his example because he is just that good.

Example for using ‘Blueprint’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new actor in the latest movie?

Yes! He’s amazing! I would call him the blueprint of talent. 😍

I totally agree! He’s just perfect in every scene.

Right? I wish I could be as flawless as him.