What does CUIMD stand for?

See you in my dreams

Have you ever received a text message that ends with ‘CUIMD’? If you have, then someone is letting you know that they’ll be keeping you in their thoughts. It’s a short and sweet way to say, “See you in my dreams.”

Depending on the relationship you have with the person who sent it, you might find it cute or funny. For example, if it’s from a close friend or a loved one, it’s probably meant to be a sweet goodbye. If it’s from someone you’re not very familiar with, it might come off as a bit strange or even creepy.

Like many slang terms, ‘CUIMD’ is all about context and who’s using it. It’s a great example of how language can be flexible and evolve over time, especially with the rise of digital communication. So, next time you see ‘CUIMD’, you’ll know what to expect.

Example for using ‘CUIMD’ in a conversation

Hey! Just wanted to say goodnight! πŸ’€

Aww, that’s sweet! Goodnight to you too! 😴


Haha, thanks! See you in my dreams! πŸŒ™