What does Fab mean?

Fab is short for Fabulous

Fab is a shortened version of the word “fabulous” and it’s used to describe anything that is excellent or wonderful. This term is widely used on social media platforms and in texts, but you can often hear it in everyday conversations too.

People typically use fab when talking about things like new haircuts, stylish clothes, delicious food, beautiful homes, fancy shoes, and cool cars. But it’s not only limited to material things. You might hear it being used by someone (usually a woman) complimenting a friend or giving a pep talk to a female friend.

It’s important to know that using the term fab can sometimes be seen as over the top or showy. So, use it wisely to avoid being judged. It’s all about the context!

Example for using ‘Fab’ in a conversation

Hey, I just got a new haircut today! 😊

Oh, really? Can’t wait to see it! How does it look?

It’s fab! The stylist did an amazing job. I love it! πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ

That’s awesome! I’m so happy for you. Send me a pic! πŸ“Έ