Grief Digger

What does Grief Digger mean?

A person who benefits from a celebrity’s death

A grief digger is someone who tries to take advantage of a well-known personality’s demise through social media or forum posts. They do this by creating posts about their ‘intense’ relationship with the deceased. The reality is, these connections are often barely there. But this doesn’t stop grief diggers from exploiting these links to garner likes, shares, and followers.

Take, for instance, the passing of a renowned actor. A fan who once bumped into this actor at a movie premiere might share a picture from the event and weave a long tale about their interaction. If the narrative is overdramatized, excessively detailed, or too emotional, it might be an instance of grief digging.

However, it’s worth noting that occasionally, a person might have had a genuine bond with a deceased celebrity, prompting them to share their experiences and the impact the star had on their lives. These sincere expressions of grief are not examples of grief digging, even though they may sometimes be mistaken as such.

Example for using ‘Grief Digger’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that post about the actor who passed away?

Yeah, I saw it. Did you notice how some people were sharing their “deep” connection to him?

Totally! It’s like they’re trying to get attention by exaggerating their relationship with him.

Yeah, those are called grief diggers. They use a celebrity’s death for personal gain on social media.