What does IGN mean?

In-game name

When gamers dive into the digital world of their favourite online games, they often use an alias or a screen name. This name is commonly called an IGN, which stands for ‘in-game name.’ It’s a way for players to create a unique identity within the game, separate from their real-world identity.

IGNs are especially popular in a variety of online games such as MMORPGs, MOBAs, and FPSes. For instance, your mate, Jessica Smith, maybe just Jessica to you in the real world. However, when she steps into the world of Dota 2, her IGN might be something like ‘ShadowAssassin47.’

Typically, a player’s IGN is displayed above their in-game character, making them easily identifiable to other players. So, when you see ‘ShadowAssassin47’ on your screen, you know it’s your friend Jessica, even though she’s in the guise of her gaming identity!

Example for using ‘IGN’ in a conversation

Hey, what’s your IGN for the new game?

My IGN is ShadowHunter23. What about you?

Cool! Mine is NinjaWarrior99.

Nice! Let’s team up and dominate the game together!