What does LMAO stand for?

Laughing my a** off

LMAO stands for ‘laughing my a** off’. This slang is widely used when something is hilariously funny, to the point it makes you feel like you’re about to fall apart from laughter. You will typically find LMAO in text messages and online chats.

The term LMAO is like many other expressions where people exaggerate to show extreme emotions. This is similar to phrases like “laughing my head off” or “writing my arm off”. Just to clarify, none of these expressions should be taken literally. They’re just a fun way to express intense feelings.

Moreover, LMAO is often a part of more complex acronyms like LMFAO and ROFLMAO. These are also used in text messages and chats to show that something is extremely funny. So, next time you see LMAO, you now know it’s just a cool way to express a good laugh!

Example for using ‘LMAO’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the puppy trying to catch its tail?

Yeah, LMAO! It was hilarious! The poor thing kept spinning in circles!

I know, right? The way it stumbled and fell over had me cracking up!

I couldn’t stop laughing! LMAO! That puppy has some serious coordination issues.