What does NG stand for?

No good

When you hear or see ‘NG’, it’s short for “no good”. This term isn’t limited to any one group and is used by all sorts of people. Gamers, pals, and even sports officials use this handy acronym to quickly share that something isn’t up to snuff.

NG is your go-to term when you want to give your verdict on anything that can be analyzed or critiqued. It could be a movie, a dish, a song, a TV program, or any other item that’s open to personal interpretation.

For instance, if you ask a modern-day trendsetter if they enjoyed Avengers: Endgame, they might just tell you it was NG. It’s a simple, easy way of expressing disappointment or disapproval.

Example for using ‘NG’ in a conversation

Hey, have you watched that new movie yet?

Yeah, I did. It was NG. πŸ™

Oh, really? I was thinking of watching it. Thanks for letting me know!

No problem! Save your time and money, trust me. πŸ˜…