What does NOMBR stand for?

None of my business, right

Ever heard of NOMBR? It’s a handy little acronym that stands for “none of my business, right.” It’s usually used when people feel like they might be prying too much and want to check they’re not crossing a line.

Let’s say Mike asks his former girlfriend if she’s seeing someone new. To make sure he’s not being too nosy, he might quickly add, “Oops, that’s NOMBR?” In response, she might simply say, “Yes.”

So next time you feel like you’re asking too many questions or delving into areas you shouldn’t, use NOMBR to check if you’re stepping on someone’s toes. It’s a polite way to ensure you’re respecting other people’s personal boundaries.

Example for using ‘NOMBR’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Sarah and Mike?


I just saw them together at the movies. Are they dating again?

None of my business, right? πŸ˜‰