What does P/y mean?

Per year

P/y is a shorthand way to state that something happens once a year. It’s like a short code to explain the yearly occurrence of an event. For instance, if you come across something like a gym membership for $50 p/y, it just means you have to pay $50 every year for the membership.

It’s not just limited to real life situations, you might see p/y used on the internet as well. If you’re browsing online and you see a service advertised for a certain cost p/y, it’s telling you that’s the cost per year. For example, if you’re shopping for antivirus software and see it priced at $40 p/y, the yearly cost for that software is $40.

P/y is part of a group of abbreviations that are used to denote frequency. Other similar abbreviations include p/m (per month), p/w (per week), and p/d (per day). Each of these abbreviations are a quick way to let you know how often something is happening or needs to be paid.

Example for using ‘P/y’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the new gym membership prices?

No, what are they?

They’re offering a great deal – only $30 p/y!

Wow, that’s really affordable! So, it’s $30 per year?