What does Pic mean?


Pic is basically a short form for picture. It can refer to any kind of image, from a digital photo to a drawn artwork. For instance, your buddy might request, “Can you forward that pic of us from the beach party? The sunset was amazing.”

You’ll find the term pic being used in various situations. It’s common in text messages, social media posts, and even during face-to-face chats. An example could be, “Just uploaded some fresh pics from my road trip.”

Or maybe, you might be gossiping with your friend about a celebrity, saying something like, “Did you catch that pic of Beyoncé’s holiday decorations? They were over the top!”

Example for using ‘Pic’ in a conversation

Hey! Can you send me that pic of the sunset we took yesterday? It was so beautiful!

Sure, here you go! I’ll send it to you right now.

Thanks! I want to post it on Instagram. Everyone needs to see that pic!

Absolutely! It’s definitely an amazing pic worth sharing with everyone.