What does Pwnage mean in gaming?


Pwnage, in the gaming world, is a slang term used when one player completely outplays or dominates another player or team. This term comes from the word ‘pwn’, which is a popular way of saying ‘own’ in the gaming community. So, if you pwn someone, it means you’ve owned them, and ‘pwnage’ is the act of owning.

Here’s an example to illustrate its usage better. Let’s say you’re playing Call of Duty, and an opposing player has just beaten you in a spectacular fashion. They might type out in the game’s chat, “That was pure pwnage, you must be feeling terrible.” This player is implying that you should feel bad because of how decisively you were defeated.

In simpler terms, pwnage is a slang for describing a situation where you’ve completely outclassed someone else in a game. It’s not a compliment if it’s being used against you, but it’s a badge of honor if you’re the one doing the ‘pwnage’.

Example for using ‘Pwnage’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the new gamer?

Yeah, I watched it. That was some serious pwnage!