What does Shoutcaster mean in Esports?

Commentator for Esports, also known as ‘Shoutcaster’

Shoutcasters are the voices behind esports games. They are the ones who boost the energy, describe the game, and dissect the moves. Much like the commentators you hear during traditional sports like football or basketball, shoutcasters make online gaming events more engaging for viewers.

The term originates from the first Internet radio app used for this type of commentary. Nowadays, shoutcasters have become an integral part of the esports environment. You can often hear them on official game channels on Twitch, where they cover tournaments with their expert and thrilling commentary.

The main role of a shoutcaster is to educate and entertain the audience. They do this by weaving narratives around the game and tournaments, and highlighting aspects of the game that viewers might miss. Generally, two shoutcasters work together – one narrates the play-by-play actions (what’s happening), while the other offers color commentary (why it’s happening).

Example for using ‘Shoutcaster’ in a conversation

Hey, did you catch that esports tournament last night?

Yeah, it was intense! The shoutcasters were so good!

I know, right? They really know how to hype up the matches.

Definitely! The play-by-play commentator was on point with all the action, and the color commentator explained the strategies so well.