Squad Goals

What does Squad Goals mean?

A group of friends who another group of friends wants to be like

When you hear “Squad Goals”, it’s all about a group of cool friends that another bunch of buddies wants to be like. You’ll see this phrase floating around a lot on social media channels like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s usually tagged along with a fun or trendy photo of a group of pals.

“Squad” is just another word for a tightly-knit group of friends. This crew does everything together, from hanging out to going on wild adventures. The “goals” part is about things that are seen as cool or admirable. Things that other groups of friends would want to aim for.

Generally, when you’re scrolling through your feed, you’ll see this term pop up as a hashtag (#). It’s usually next to an image or a post that shows off what this awesome friend group is up to. It’s all about showing the world what your group of buddies is like, and why other people might want to be just like you guys.

Example for using ‘Squad Goals’ in a conversation

Hey, check out this pic of Taylor and her friends at the beach! 😍 #SquadGoals

Wow, they look like they’re having so much fun! I wish we had a squad like that. 😊

I know, right? They always seem to be doing cool things together. #SquadGoals

Definitely! We should plan more outings with our friends too. Let’s make some squad goals of our own! πŸ’ͺ