What does Sync mean?

Sync is short for Synchronize

You’ve probably heard the term ‘Sync’ being tossed around in conversations. Sync is a shortened form of the word synchronization, but in the world of slang, it carries a slightly different meaning.

Commonly used in social interactions, ‘Sync’ is used when you want to get back in touch with someone or when you want to meet up and update each other on what’s been happening in your lives.

But ‘Sync’ can also mean the complete opposite. It’s often used to express a disconnect or a lack of communication with someone. If you say you’re ‘out of sync’ with someone, it means you’re not on the same wavelength or you’re out of touch with them.

So next time you hear or use the term ‘Sync’, remember it represents either catching up with someone or feeling out of touch. It’s a versatile slang term that depends on the context it’s used in.

Example for using ‘Sync’ in a conversation

Hey! Long time no see! How have you been?

Hey! I’ve been good, thanks! How about you?

I’ve been alright. Just trying to sync with the world again after being busy with work.

I totally get it. Sometimes we all need a break to sync ourselves.