What does Tootsies mean?

‘Tootsies’ is slang for ‘Toes’

Tootsies is a slang term used mostly in a playful or affectionate manner to refer to toes. This term is a common feature of “baby talk”, where parents use it to refer to their newborn’s tiny toes.

This term is designed to sound endearing and cute. This is because toes and feet, in general, are often viewed as strange or unattractive. By referring to them as Tootsies, it lightens the perception and makes them sound more appealing.

The term Tootsies can also be used more broadly to refer to feet, not just toes. If you want to refer to a single toe, you can use the term Tootsy.

Example for using ‘Tootsies’ in a conversation

Hey! How are you today? 😊

I’m good! Just got back from the beach. My tootsies are sand-free now! πŸ–οΈπŸ‘£

Haha! I know that feeling. Sand can be so stubborn! πŸ˜„

Tell me about it! But I love feeling the sand between my tootsies, it’s so relaxing. 😌