Touch Grass

What does Touch Grass mean?

Get back to the real world

‘Touch Grass’ is a slang phrase that means someone needs to step away from the internet and reconnect with the real world. It’s a way of telling people to take a break from their digital lives, get outdoors, and perhaps even physically touch some grass to ground themselves in reality.

It’s not entirely clear who first used the term, but it has been around since at least 2019. The phrase really took off on Twitter in 2021, where it became a popular way to call out people for their online behavior.

Typically, ‘Touch Grass’ is used to offer a reality check or a bit of tough love to people who are behaving in a harmful or strange way online. For instance, if a Twitter user named Bob is being overly aggressive, someone might tell him, “Take it easy and touch grass“.

Example for using ‘Touch Grass’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new reality show everyone is talking about?

No, I’ve been so caught up in my online games lately. I need to touch grass and get back to the real world.

Haha, yeah, you’ve been gaming nonstop. It’s time to take a break and reconnect with reality!

You’re right. I’ll put down my controller and go outside. Time to touch some grass!