What Is Good

What does What Is Good mean?

‘What Is Good’ means ‘How is it going?’

‘What Is Good’ is a slang phrase that is commonly used as a replacement for greetings such as “what’s up” or “how’s it going.” Its usage is popular among young people as a casual way to say hello to a friend or someone they just met.

But, just like many other slang phrases, ‘What Is Good’ can also be used in a more confrontational context. A famous example of this is when a well-known celebrity had a public spat with another star during a popular music awards ceremony in 2015. The phrase was used to challenge the other person rather than as a friendly greeting.

So, ‘What Is Good’ can be both a friendly hello and a challenge, depending on the situation and the tone of voice. It’s a versatile phrase that continues to be widely used in youth culture today.

Example for using ‘What Is Good’ in a conversation

Hey, long time no see! What is good? πŸ˜„

Not much, just chilling. What’s good with you? πŸ€”

Same here, just hanging out with friends. You up for some pizza later? πŸ•

Sounds good to me! What time should we meet? ⏰