What does Yoked mean in bodybuilding?

Extremely buff or fit

In the world of bodybuilding and fitness, when someone is described as ‘yoked’, it means they have a well-built, muscular body. This slang term is often used interchangeably with others like swole, hench, ripped, or jacked, all referring to a person with significant muscle mass and tone.

The origin of the term ‘yoked’ is believed to be derived from the farming tool known as a yoke. This device was traditionally used to pair oxen together for pulling heavy loads, symbolizing strength and power. Therefore, a ‘yoked’ individual is perceived as being as strong as not just one, but two oxen.

There’s no clear record of who first used the term ‘yoked’ this way, but it’s understood to have gained popularity in the bodybuilding community around the 2010s. Nowadays, ‘yoked’ is frequently used both offline and online, especially on social media platforms where users post images of their muscular bodies.

Even for those who aren’t into fitness, it’s common to come across the term ‘yoked’. So, next time you hear or see it, you’ll know it’s a compliment on someone’s impressive physique!

Example for using ‘Yoked’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see Mark’s latest gym selfie?

Yeah, he looks totally yoked!

I know, right? His muscles are insane!

Definitely. He’s been hitting the gym hard.