What does Fishing mean in Online Dating?

Blasting out loads of messages on a dating app is what ‘Fishing’ means.

Fishing is a term that’s used in the context of online dating. It describes the act of sending out loads of messages through one or more dating services, hoping for a response. This term draws a parallel to the real-world activity of fishing, where you cast out multiple lines to catch fish.

The term gained traction in the middle of the 2010s as digital dating tactics started to evolve with the growth of dating apps like OkCupid and Hinge. This term also plays on the popular phrase “plenty of fish in the sea”, which symbolizes the abundance of potential partners out there.

Those who use the fishing strategy in dating apps usually do so out of desperation for a match. They are either impatient and willing to connect with anyone who shows the slightest interest, or they are extremely open-minded and open to exploring different personalities with the hope of making a meaningful romantic connection. Some people might also be fishing just for casual hook-ups rather than a long-term relationship.

While it is often seen that males tend to employ the fishing strategy in dating apps, it’s not exclusive to them. Females too may use this approach to speed up the dating process. So, next time you come across someone who is messaging a lot of people at once on a dating app, you’ll know they’re “fishing”.

Example for using ‘Fishing’ in a conversation

Hey, have you been on any dating apps lately? πŸ“±

Yeah, I’ve been fishing on Tinder for a while now. πŸ˜…

Oh, really? How’s that going? 🎣

Well, I’ve been sending out a bunch of messages, but no luck so far. πŸ™„