What does HTSUS stand for?

Hope to see you soon

HTSUS is a popular acronym you might have seen in your online chats or text messages. It stands for “Hope to see you soon”.

It’s usually used as a friendly sign-off at the end of a conversation. This implies that the person sending the message wants to meet or chat with you again.

Getting a message with HTSUS can feel good because it means the other person values your time together. It indicates that they are looking forward to your next interaction.

It’s just one of several acronyms people use to say goodbye. Some others include H2CUS, CUS, CUL, BBFN, and BTCHF. Each of these has its own unique meaning, but they all serve the purpose of wrapping up a conversation in a friendly manner.

Example for using ‘HTSUS’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free this weekend?

Yeah, I am! What’s up?

I was thinking we could catch a movie. What do you think?

Sounds good to me! HTSUS!