What does Ride mean?

Car or Automobile

When people say ‘Ride‘, they’re not talking about going on a journey, they’re referring to their vehicle. It’s a different way to name your car, bike, or any other mode of transport. This slang term has its roots in the verb ‘ride’, but it’s been tweaked a bit and is now a noun.

It’s a term that you’ll often hear in popular culture, particularly in the world of rap music. Rappers like Jay-Z or Kanye West might mention their ‘ride’ in their lyrics, and they’re not talking about a horse or a bicycle, they’re talking about their sleek, speedy, and often very expensive cars.

So next time you hear someone mention their ‘ride’, don’t get confused. They’re just using a cool, casual way to talk about their vehicle. And who knows, maybe you’ll start calling your own car your ‘ride’ too!

Example for using ‘Ride’ in a conversation

Hey, I heard you finally got your new ride. Is it true?

Yeah, I got it yesterday. It’s a red convertible, just like how I always wanted.

Awesome! Can’t wait to see your new ride.

Sure thing! Let’s meet up this weekend and I’ll show you.